Breitner Tandartsen

The practice is located on the Breitnerlaan in the Hague neighborhood Benoordenhout. We characterize ourselves with a personal approach in an informal setting. We deem it important that you are satisfied with the result and the course of the treatment. Your wishes play a leading role during this process.

Aangepaste openingstijden kerstvakantie

In verband met de kerstvakantie is onze praktijk gesloten vanaf woensdag 23-12-2020 tot en met vrijdag 01-01-2021.

Voor pijnklachten verwijzen wij u naar de Tandarts Spoedgevallendienst Haaglanden, afdeling HMC Westeinde (adres lijnbaan 32, 2512 VA Den Haag, telefoonnummer 070-3110305).

Maandag 04-01-2021 is de praktijk vanaf 8.00 uur weer bereikbaar op telefoonnummer 070-2211785.

Wij wensen u prettige feestdagen en een gelukkig nieuwjaar!

About us

At Breitner Tandartsen we believe in the power of cooperation. The dental team consists out of experienced dentists and a dental hygienist. We work with the newest equipment and according to the latest insights. The dental team spends a lot of time on further training at home and abroad.

Additional information about us


During your first consult a mouth examination will take place, possibly supplemented with X-ray diagnostics. Based on the findings, we will discuss the dental situation with you, as well as possible complaints and specific wishes. Subsequently, potential appointments with the dentist and/or dental hygienist will be made for further treatment.

More information about our method

Breitner treatments

At Breitner Tandartsen we work together with multiple specialists under one roof. You can come to us for the following treatments.

General dentistry

General dentistry is the basis of dentistry. This includes periodic check-ups, treatment at the dental hygienist, cavities (tooth decay), root canal treatment and crown and bridge work.

Reconstructive dentistry

A lot of tooth tissue can be lost due to grinding teeth (bruxism) or under the influence of acids. Reconstructive dentistry focuses on building up all dental tissues.


If a tooth or molar is lost, implantology may offer a solution. An implant is an artificial root of titanium. A crown, bridge or prosthesis can be attached to this.


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