General dentistry is the basis. It is important to recognize problems early on and to prevent them.

Periodic check-up

The periodic check-up is a central part. During this visit your teeth are checked for caries (tooth decay ), condition of the gums and tooth wear. For children, the jaw and dental development are also closely monitored. In addition, any complaints and/or specific wishes will be discussed with you during the consultation.
Depending on the situation, x-rays will be taken of the molars every 2 to 3 years to detect any problems. If necessary, your teeth will be cleaned by the dental hygienist prior to the periodic check-up.


The general dental treatments consist of making fillings, root canal treatments, crown and bridge work and minor surgical procedures. The work also consists of the manufacturing of frames and prostheses, whitening of teeth and molars, and treatments by the dental hygienist.

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