Certified Implantologist NVOI

A NVOI-certified implantologist is a dentist that has undergone extensive extra education and has gained abundant practice exeprience in the field of implantology and its documentation, and has therefore obtained accreditation from the Consilium Implantologicum of the NVOI.
The NVOI-certified implantologist must be re-evaluated every 5 years by the Consilium Implantologicum and must fulfil both quantitative and qualitative requirements to be granted an extension of the title ‘implantoloog NVOI’.

Treatment plan

During the first consultation (information consultation) the dental situation will be discussed with you, based of the health questionnaire, the oral examination and an overview photo. Based on the findings and your wishes, a treatment plan and a specified cost estimate will be drawn up for you.
During the subsequent consultation the definitive treatment plan will be discussed with you. The prescriptions for the medicine that you must take before and after the procedure are also provided.

Course of treatment

Depending on the shape of the jaw and the amount of bone there are roughly three starting points for treatment.
- There is sufficient bone present and it is possible to implant immediately.
- Too little bone is present, so a bone-adding procedure must be performed, but implantation can still take place simultaneously.
- Insufficient bone is present, so that a separate bone-adding procedure must first be performed. The implants can only be placed at a later stage.
After a period of healing, the implant is exposed (two-phase). A superstructure is then placed on it. This can be a crown, fixed bridge or click dentures.
Often the implant is already fixed in such a way that a cap can be placed on it that protrudes through the gums (single phase). The exposing of the implant is then no longer necessary. Sometimes an implant in the aesthetic zone can be fitted with a temporary crown right away.

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